Anchor Plate 1.0

Ankerplatte 1.0

Load distribution

The range of our Peggy Peg products is very clear and rational designed. A lot of the products have more than one application area. Just like the Peggy Anchor Plate 1.0. With the u-shaped steel hook, it’s a perfect anchoring device for storm straps or strings. Up to six Peggy N’s (20cm length) can secure the plate to the ground. It’s again possible to work with the height-adjustable hook system to secure the plate even when the Peggy N won’t completely screw into the stony grounds. You may also use our new developed Peg&Stop Pegs with the Anchor Plate. In use for travel or winter tents, the two plates can secure your tent pole too. The pole won’t slide or sink into the ground and will definitely keep your tent safely in position.


Attention please: Our Hardcore Peggy (Hit-in screw-out peg) doesn’t fit through the holes in this plate. That’s because we designed the screw a few years later. If needed, use the Fix&Go Ancor plate 2.0. It can be used with our u-shaped storm hooks and the Hardcore Peggy will fit.