Fix&GoTie down




The TieStrap is a wise extension for every awning owner. The bright coloured Strap is adjustable between 1,5-3 metres without having any loose cord ends. Our TieStrap is perfect for storm anchoring purposes for almost every awning in the market. It’s also possible to use it for tents or sun sails. The Peggy TieStrap slides into the awning rails with the T-Connector and is then anchored to the ground with a Peggy Peg or the u-shaped steel hook of the anchoring plate. The enclosed relieving springs absorb a huge part of the wind power. The anchoring device should be stretched away from the vehicle. This brings the advantage compared to a normal Storm Strap that it distributes the wind power to the whole length of the robust front aluminium bar. Suitable for Peggy N, L, LA, HC and anchoring plates (optionally available)

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