PetPeg leash-fortification for pets


Normal solid to soft grounds also with stones, PetPeg – aluminium 33 cm long, wrench size  17mm, torque max. 70 Nm
PetPeg is a soil anchor with a shock absorber to leash dogs, cats and all kinds of pets. It is usable in a broad variety of soils. With our flexible hook, the height is adjustable and therefore the tension should always be as close as possible to the ground. This activates the leverage effect and the PetPeg stays secured in the ground. Just easily put the spring on the ground and screw the PetPeg trough the spring eye. Please screw as deep as possible with either the portable electric drill or by hand. Afterwards, check the PetPeg for tight instalment in the ground. Our PetPeg is suitable for Pets up to max. 45kg. The shock absorber prevents the leashed animal from harming itself. Attention: Due to always varying ground soil, different application behaviour and varying animal physique, the final obligatory supervision of the Pet lay with the owner!