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Screwdriver PetPeg Anleine-fortification for animals


From normal solid to soft floors also with stones, screwmaking PetPeg – aluminium 33 cm long, key width 17mm, torque max. 70 Nm
PetPeg is an earthwater anchor with shock absorber for adding dogs, cats etc., which can be used in many soils. Due to the flexible height adjustment, the traction force always appears close to the ground and the PetPeg remains firmly anchored. Simply place spring on the floor, screw through the open eye of the spring, screw in as deep as possible, manually or by machine. Then check on a fixed seat. The PetPeg is suitable for pets up to. Up to 45 kg. The jerk absorber prevents the illuminated animal from getting hurt by its own force.
Note: Since soil conditions and application behaviour can be very different and thus also the pull-out forces, the final duty of supervision remains and is incumbent on the keeper.