Fix&Go tube en

Fix&Go Tube Neu 2020

The idea behind the Fix&Go Tube is simple: A heavyweight of ca. 10kg per awning pole needs to be transported as compact and light-weighted as possible.
Fix&Go Tube is the perfect extension to our Fix&Go Anchor plate. It enables you to set up your awning on paving, concrete, or pavement. Application: place the adapter on top of the Fix&Go Anchor plate next to the awning pole on the ground, fill up the Tube with 10 litres of water from tab, sea or river, and place it into its intended mould. Use the Velcro fasteners to attach the Fix&Go Tube to the awning pole – ready! By using the Tube, you quickly transform the light weighted, compact product to a 20kg extra ballast, one Fix&Go Tube per awning pole and can leave your awning set up in moderate wind conditions. Disclaimer; The end-user must always determine how much wind is appropriate for the weight of the water. Only use with low to moderate wind speeds. Fix&Go Tube does not replace an appropriate awning fixing to the soil!