Tents, awnings, etc. -Fixing with a System!

  • Five times lighter than an equivalent metal peg. Ten times better grip!
  • Generous thread for secure grip. Ideal for soft, sandy soils!
  • Can also be used in hard, rocky grounds by using the height-adjustable hooks or Lock Nut!
  • Robust, fibre-glass, UV-resistant polyamide or Aluminium!
  • Quick and easy to use!
  • When it's time to go, just screw it out-it's that easy!

Got curious?

Easy to screw and comes with a system

Even though the people were quite amused after launching of our bright orange but robust Peggy Peg, the fan community of our products is increasing daily. Happy Costumers all over the world share their positive experiences with our multifunctional Peggy Peg products. After only six years, the amount of sold Peggy N’s increased up to over one million! 

The used material makes our product extremely light. The compressing thread makes the Peggy Peg suitable for soft, sandy but also for hard or stony grounds. Once the Peggy Peg grips even though it isn’t completely screwed into the ground it will hold and secure your camping equipment (sometimes pre drilling might be useful-especially in winter). The height adjustable clip enables the peg to be used in those areas.

Due to the different types of terrain which you can find all around the globe you need to use different types of Peggy Pegs. To cover all requirements, we also developed screw-in pegs made from aluminium material.

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