Screw Pegs Peg&Stop

Schraubhering Peg&Stop

Normal grounds, application with Anchor Plate Peg&Stop (P&S) – PA with fibre-glass, 16cm long, 17mm wrench size, torque max. 25 Nm

The fibre-glass reinforced and height adjustable screw-in peg with lock nut is for the use with the Fix&Go Anchor Plate 2.0. This new Peg&Stop is screwed in with an electric drill or a handle until the screw grips securely and can be fixed at once with a lock nut. To apply counter pressure and fix the plate to the ground easily turn the lock nut some rotations to the right. Peg&Stop should be driven in and out a few times before you first use it, the thread roughens and gets slip-proof.