Screw-in Peg (L)ong

Schraubhering Long

Soft, sandy grounds – Peggy (L)ong – PA with fibre-glass, with hook 31cm long, 17mm wrench size, torque max. 30Nm

This long, fibre-glass reinforced height-adjustable screw-in peg is provided for soft and sandy grounds, especially at the seaside. It’s suitable for awnings, cords, tent anchoring devices, storm straps etc. The Peggy L also works in combination with a height-adjustable clip. So even when it isn’t possible to screw in the Peggy L completely into the ground it will hold and secure your camping equipment. Use the integrated height adjustment to place the double hook, which is certainly suitable to easily add cords and stretch them tightly without removing the Peggy L.  Always choose the ring, which is closest to the ground for a better fixing because of the leverage effect.

The size and length of the Peggy L are most suited to hold in soft soils. It’s only possible to use the electric drill when screwing the Peggy L into soft grounds. Due to the limited power of the electric drill, we recommend you to use the manual device when screwing into harder grounds.

Make sure that sandy grounds are solid, shifting sands won’t provide any grip for the Peggy L.